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Tuts+ Premium - Main site for premium member (subcription require), provide exclusive tutorials, ebooks, course library, and new content weekly.

Sub Site
  • Psdtuts+ a leading blog and community for Photoshop tutorials. Learn photo manipulation, retouching, icon design, text effects, and much more.
  • Nettuts+ a blog and community for Web Development tutorials. Learn php, JavaScript, WordPress, HTML5, CSS, Ruby and much more.
  • Vectortuts+ a blog and community for illustrators and vector artists. Learn illustration, logo design, icon design, typography and more
  • Webdesigntuts+ a community for Web Designers. Learn Design Theory, Typography, Workflow, Complete Website Design and more.
  • Phototuts+ a community for Photographers and post-processors. Learn about lighting, exposure, workflows, photo critiquing, Adobe Lightroom and more
  • Cgtuts+ a community for CG and 3D artists. Learn to use After Effects, 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, Modo, Cinema4D, Mental Ray, Mudbox, zbrush and more.

Above sub categories do provide free tutorial and freebie download. To get freebies, simply search "free" as below URL.

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